What are Beauty Products in Demand in 2021?

Over the years, the beauty industry has evolved, and beauty standards have shifted the ways of life. We see over the past year some drastic changes to life due to the global pandemic, which has caused some incredibly unique trends in the beauty industry.

In this blog, we will highlight about 5 beauty trends that have made their place in the past year and will be going forward in future.

Let’s get started and dive right into the top beauty products trending in 2021.

Top beauty products going into 2021

Often, trends in the beauty industry reflect fad culture. However, we see that in the past year, some unusual influences took the industry by storm and are still on-trend. These products have made their place in the industry, and they seem to stay there for an era to come.

We have listed down some top products that the beauty industry brought in 2021:

Liquid lipstick and lip gloss

Whether you are into it or not, but you can’t deny the fact that over-lined lips have been a big beauty trend over the past decade. The lipstick trend has evolved from matte finish to dark 90s, to hyper glossy effect over the years. The overall trend of shaping the lips hasn’t changed much, from original pout to volumising and pillowy around the lip outline; the focus has to enhance your lips.

We see how this year, a new trend of over-lining the lips and glossing the inner side has made its place in the beauty industry. Women are looking for amazing trendy liquid lipsticks & lip glosses to become a part of the trend.

Liquid Blush

The look and glam of Hollywood that made the blush popular in the early 20th century has continued into later decades. The world of the beauty industry still greets the changed approach to blush.

We see how celebrities & makeup influencers are going toward a more natural and subtle look. New liquid blush trends have made their way in, as it gives a more natural colour to your face and is easier and more convenient to use.

All popular makeup brands are on board and have launched their liquid blush line with a natural tone of pink, peach red, brown for women to make a choice. This amazing new product gives a natural blush which, at first glance, is hard to catch. You can use this product daily, giving your face a natural glow.

Glitter Eyeshadows

The start of the new year is not only about new resolutions, but it’s also about new trends and styles. The new year is always a good time to look into some popular trends and changes. And the perfect change is to start with the makeup. Whether you love soft, neutral eyes or prefer a more jazzy glitter look, you will find amazing glitter eyeshadow pallets from popular brands.

Glitter Eyeshadow is an absolute pickup; it can turn any hater into a fan.

New trendy shadows are easy to apply, just dab it with the cushioned applicator, or tap with your fingers, and Tada! These glitter shadows will not budge or flake and will last through your event. You have a look to slay the evening.

Vegan Lashes

No makeup look is completed without a set of fake lashes. But sadly, many popular makeup brands use mink to create fake lashes that are not acceptable by many. However, there is good news because the makeup industry has come up with vegan lashes that give an equally fuller look without animal cruelty.

Natalie brings a wide range of fake lashes for the customers, including vegan lashes, so check our collection and pick your favourite.

 Coffee Exfoliant Scrubs

 While using all the trendy makeup products, don’t forget to care for your skin. The trending coffee exfoliant scrubs are a thing that has received a lot of popularity over the year for showing amazing results for the skin. 

So get your hands on this amazing coffee exfoliant scrub and see your skin glowing over the week.

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