How to pick a Makeup Brush for Sensitive Skin

Having sensitive skin means extra care and not taking anything for granted. People with sensitive skin have to take measures from laundry detergent to scrubs, face wash, and makeup. We understand how people with sensitive skin have to take extra steps for precautions to avoid any potentially irritating ingredients. Anything that comes in contact with your skin should be scrutinized first. Making life more manageable, many popular brands bring suitable makeup brushes for sensitive skin.

Makeup brushes are divided into two basic types, natural animal hair brushes, and synthetic hair brushes, also known as vegan brushes. However, within these 2 categories, you can find a lot of variations.

Animal makeup hair brushes are typically made from goats. In that case, suppose horses or squirrels. These brushes are mainly made from materials like nylon and polyester. But with brands working on innovation, you can find many vegan options too.

Both types of brushes come with unique perks but picking the wrong one can cause issues with sensitive skin. The bristles can put too much pressure on the skin, which can irritate. Moreover, the wrong brush can also stretch or pull your complexion, which significantly affects your skin.

Low-quality makeup brushes can collect bacteria and fungus over time. While that’s unfavorable for everyone, sensitive skin types are more susceptible to breakouts from this buildup.

●     Stick To Synthetic Brushes

Synthetic Brushes are the perfect way to go if you have sensitive skin. You can choose synthetic brushes as they are also hypoallergenic and are unlikely to cause any allergic reaction. Moreover, these brushes are less likely to collect the types of germs.

  • Look For Loosely, Soft Packed Bristles


One of the most significant features while selecting a brush is to ensure no sense of irritation or itching when coming into contact with the brush.

Make sure it’s soft enough: before you make a purchase run your fingers over it, check if it is soft, does it folds immediately with pressure or not.

Aside from being soft, brushes should have a tapered end and not be densely packed. A blunt machine-cut tip on a makeup brush will feel scratchy, which can cause irritation.

●     Use Brush with a Light Hand

Once you have your ideal brush, it can still cause irritation if you misuse it. Putting a lot of pressure on the brush while using can trigger sensitive skin. This is why we suggest users use a light hand, so you don’t wind up with potential breakouts and inflammation. Be gentle & apply as little pressure as needed to transfer makeup or product.

●      Clean Your Brushes

This is a very important step; washing your brushes and caring for them takes a lot of effort, but it’s less than finding a new one.

Some brushes can accumulate pigments and oils on the surface when that buildup and is spread all over your face and can lead to acne. So cleaning your brush is something you cannot overlook.

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